Machers Share Their Resolutions for 2019


We all make New Year’s resolutions.

Some we keep, some we don’t. A typical resolution can be to lose weight, eat better or show more patience with a certain situation. Some are serious. Some are not.

A New Year’s resolution can also be something deeper, perhaps another chance to emulate our Yom Kippur tradition to reach out to another person you may have upset during the past year and make peace with that individual. It depends on the level an individual wants to go to.

Some members of the Greater Philadelphia Jewish community who shared their resolutions featured a goal of attempting to be the best, or better, at what they do with those close to them and others they come in contact with.

No matter what the resolution, all are looking forward to the turn of the calendar hoping the coming year is an improvement on the one just concluded.

Here is what a sampling of members of our community shared for 2019:

Steve Rosenberg, chief marketing officer, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

“I don’t really make resolutions but every year at this time I look back at what has been achieved and what might have fallen short. I then seek opportunities to improve in those areas. However, every day is really a new beginning, we don’t have to wait for January 1.”

Ivy Barsky, CEO, National Museum of American Jewish History

“My colleagues and I at the National Museum of American Jewish History are excited for all that’s in store for 2019. We have plans for an incredible special exhibition that includes the first-ever art installation on our Kimmel Plaza facing Independence Mall, created by the artist Maira Kalman and her son Alex about Maira’s mother, Sara. We look forward to sharing Sara’s small and monumental story about how to create a life of beauty and meaning, make mistakes, and have the courage to go on.

“We welcome the chance to explore the countless other inspiring stories of American Jewish life with visitors of all backgrounds, including more than 10,000 school children. And, through education, we will continue to join our colleagues in the Jewish community and beyond in the fight against hatred and anti-Semitism. We wish everyone a peaceful 2019.”

Amy Krulik, CEO, Kaiserman JCC

“I have four resolutions for 2019:

1. Open the JCC pool for year-round swimming by the end of January — just a few weeks to go.

2. Launch a strategic visioning process that will create a road map for the future of the JCC.

3. Embrace opportunities to collaborate with our community partners to bring best-in-class programs to our region.

4. Enjoy an exciting family trip to Italy.”

Gladys Fink, Nana’s Kitchen and Catering

“In 2019, Nana’s Kitchen & Catering strives to be a catalyst for creating a community-centered dining experiences where everyone is welcome to enjoy a delicious meal, Jewish holiday traditions, exciting programs and special events.

“We are so excited to open our new location at the old Dairy in Bala and maintain our home at the Kaiserman JCC.”

Gene Kolber, president, Kolber Advertising

“To be the best person I can be to my family, friends, and my clients. I like this quote, ‘When the one great scorer comes to write against your name, he writes not that you won or lost, but how you played the game.’”

Marc Zumoff, Philadelphia 76ers broadcaster

“I don’t make resolutions. I try to resolve to do or not do something the moment I think about it. That doesn’t work either.”

Linda Dubin Garfield, owner of smArt Business Consulting

“I want to see our nation adjust back to be the caring place we all thought it was, with equal opportunity for all Americans. That is important to me.”

Rabbi Stuart Pollack, Har Sinai Temple, Pennington, N.J.

“I hope for a calmer nation, less bigotry, violence and take a look back at the past when we seemed to have a lot less of this. We need our democracy to function for all the people as we face issues such as climate change. In the Middle East, I hope for progress toward peace.”

Larry Hanover, author of Rebuilt from Broken Glass with Holocaust survivor Fred Behrend

“In the New Year, I hope we let facts guide our path to a compromise on the immigration issue. Not fearmongering about a nonexistent crime wave. Not how they’re freeloading when stats say they are an economic plus.”

Stephen Frishberg, chairman, Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

“I wish that everyone’s personal wish for the New Year is fulfilled.”l; 215-832-0737


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