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Temple Alum Says Fire Hill

As a graduate of Temple University, I am appalled at its administration for allowing professor Marc Lamont Hill to remain at his anti-Israel “pulpit” (“Rally, Counterprotest Face Off Over Hill at Temple,” Dec. 13). Educators are expected to open their student’s eyes, not close their minds.

More incredibly, Hill advocates violence. There is no purpose in keeping this arrogant, anti-peace, self-proclaimed terrorist in education. His outrageous personal rhetoric has no place in a public institution.

Charles Horwitz | King of Prussia

Yad LaKashish’s Workshop a Unique Destination

I was thrilled to find your extensive coverage of Yad LaKashish, the sheltered workshop for the elderly and handicapped in Jerusalem supported by our Jewish Federation (“Yad Lakashish: Using Art to Empower Israel’s Older Adults,” Dec. 6). The hot lunch program, in which Jewish Federation participates, is a strong part of the communal bonding, which makes this workshop a unique and blessed destination.

Hopefully, many of your readers will be visiting Yad LaKashish at 14 Shivtei Israel St., just opposite the back of the Jerusalem City Hall complex. The gift shop is full of wonderful arts and crafts, religious objects and things for young children; and a tour of the facility, I am sure, can be arranged.

The inspiration of this now 55-plus-year-old institution is palpable in that one leaves feeling the power of community, the blessedness of work and the sacredness of participating in bringing purpose to the lives of so many.

Rabbi Gary Charlestein | Penn Valley


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