Letters | Death Penalty and Kristallnacht


Death Too Good for Pittsburgh Shooter

This country has once again been rocked by the incomprehensible, but the Pittsburgh saga which has brought people together, at least temporarily, has the possibility of creating havoc as it winds its way through the trial and penalty stage (“Life of 11 Tree of Life Victims Celebrated,” Nov. 8). Without doubt, there will be a strong contingent raising their voices in favor of the death penalty for the convicted. Putting aside morality, there are excellent reasons to instead seek life without parole.

The first is financial, because thanks to constitutionally mandated appeals, the death penalty is almost never enforced, while the process costs millions of dollars more than a life sentence. Money may pale in importance unless one’s child goes to an underfunded school or one is dependent on the state for survival.

Secondly, the death penalty is too good for the depraved perpetrator. Lethal injection is swift, painless and like going to sleep. Real punishment is spending the rest of his life in a cage with minimum human contact, associating with the scum of the earth and never breathing free air again. Every country in Europe except Belarus and Russia — plus 19 states and the District of Columbia — have banned the death penalty. It is useless and it’s inhuman.

Ralph D. Bloch | Jenkintown

Why No Mention of Kristallnacht?

I searched the Nov. 8 edition of the Jewish Exponent, but could not find a word concerning the anniversary of Kristallnacht. Is the significance to Jewish history of the night of Nov. 9-10 in Nazi Germany not worthy of mention?

Forgive me for suggesting that you print a word or two of it next year.

Harvey Cohen I Sewell, N.J.


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