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More Conversations Are Needed

I am very happy and relieved to see an individual who does not hate President Donald Trump and who is part of the religious community addressing the fact that Trump’s hateful rhetoric contributes to rising anti-Semitism on the right (“When Hate Comes Out of the Shadows,” Nov. 1). I hope many such conversations are happening privately.

Jews on the left are very aware of the anti-Semitism coming from that quarter — but, as Editor-in-Chief Joshua Runyan has written, pointing to it as a deflective action immediately after a right-wing mass murder is wrongheaded. Just as the left has to face up to Linda Sarsour, for example, the right needs to face up to the fact that the president is actively courting anti-Semitic votes.

We all need to speak up.

Laura Heller | Elkins Park

Bad Inference From Choice of Cover Placement

To say that I am appalled at the insensitivity of the Jewish Exponent is the greatest of understatements (“Eleven Dead, Six Injured in Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting on Shabbat,” Nov. 1). Eleven Jewish people, at prayer, in a synagogue, were massacred, and the Jewish paper of record chooses not to focus the entire front page on this terrible tragedy? This article is sharing the front page with, of all things, a political piece, featuring only Republican candidates.

Anti-Semitic acts have been sharply on the rise since 2017, culminating in this mass murder. When the rhetoric of the leader of the free world is filled with violence and provocation, it gives license to the unhinged of all sorts to act on their worst impulses.

President Donald Trump uses coded language, speaks of “globalists” and winks at white supremacists, whom he thinks are “fine people.” The press, especially the Jewish press, needs to show leadership and independence. If the Jewish Exponent does not show its own readership that the murder of Jews is important, then who else will care? 

Nina S. Rosenthal | Villanova


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