Eagles Fans Look Toward Coming Football Season


“Honestly, after the ring ceremony, to me, we’ve put that to bed. We’ve put that to rest, and we move on to 2018.”

OK, Doug Pederson.

The Eagles head coach may have said at a June press conference that he’s put the Super Bowl victory Eagles fans have been dreaming of for years behind him, but he’s probably the only one.

Sure, Eagles fans are looking ahead to the 2018 season, which kicks off tonight against the Atlanta Falcons, but they certainly are not ready to cast off that sweet, sweet victory or stop chanting “Philly, Philly!” just yet.

“It was something of a dream come true for a long- suffering Philadelphia fan,” Michael Roomberg said. “It’s clearly an afterglow that’s persisted all through the summer without football.”

He’s hoping for a repeat Super Bowl victory this year, but, of course, is ready for whatever this season brings.

So far, the preseason games haven’t given off the most promising vibe.  

“But we have a lot of the key players returning,” Roomberg noted. “Making another Super Bowl run is not being overly optimistic.”

Roomberg is an avid Eagles fan living where his allegiances may not be in the most friendly territory: Upstate New York in Jets and Giants country.

“There are not many” Eagles fans where he is, he acknowledged with a laugh. He often finds himself watching the small screen playing the Eagles game at the end of the bar.

But that’s never led him to stop bleeding green.

He and his wife have hosted a Super Bowl party for the last three years for local friends and their families, but this year he was close to canceling it because he was worried he wouldn’t be able to hear the game — and this was one he actually cared about.

“By the end of the game, they were all Eagles fans,” he said. “They were all feeling it like I was, even though no one was a natural-born Eagles fan.”

The Eagles have long been a tradition in his family and a bond between him and his two brothers.

His father, Alan, has had four season tickets since 1970 and saw his first game at Connie Mack Stadium when he was 5.

From left: Dan, Dave, Michael and Alan Roomberg at the Eagles-Falcons Divisional Playoff game last year | Photos provided

In honor of Alan’s upcoming 70th birthday, his three sons are taking him to London to watch the Eagles play the Jaguars in October.

“Seeing the Eagles win last year was kind of a life event for him,” Roomberg said, “so going to see the team on this special guys trip we’re doing is all the more special because of him being able to see the Eagles win the Super Bowl last year.”

As the season starts close to Rosh Hashanah, Roomberg shared a New Year’s wish for the team: “Apples, honey and no injuries!”

Carey Roseman, who has no relation — “unfortunately” — to vice president of operations Howie Roseman, is also heading across the pond to London for the game.

Her husband, a Jets fan, is understandably not joining. (“While I do bleed green, I have to admit I am not so fanatical as to be consumed by the Eagles morning, noon and night,” she said. “If I did, I would have a divorce on my hands from my long suffering Jets fan husband.”)

Instead, she and a female friend are headed to London, “leaving our husbands at home, to tailgate and cheer on our Eagles.”

She’ll welcome the Birds’ new season with a visit from her 24-year-old daughter who lives in California, but streams the games each week.

“We will be glued to the TV that evening for the start of the season with no interruptions allowed,” Roseman said. “Finally, I’ll have a partner to cheer with!”

As far as predictions for this season, she said, “I naturally am hoping we repeat as Super Bowl champions.” Though she noted, “I’m realistic enough to know that repeating is hard.”

In the meantime, she was ready to watch the final preseason game between the Eagles and the Jets — this time with her husband, who was probably not pleased with the game’s results.

Matt Littman and his family with Jalen Mills

The Eagles are a family tradition for Matt Littman.

As his kids — who are 8, 12 and 14 — have gotten older and more interested in watching the games, it has become a family tradition to spend Sundays cheering on the Birds.

He had the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl but decided against it because he wanted to watch with his kids instead.

For the past four or five years, they have made a tradition out of traveling to another city for an away game each season. So far, they’ve visited New Orleans, Houston, Kansas City, Mo., and Denver.

This season, they’re going even further.

“When they announced the Eagles would be playing in London, what better excuse to go over to London and bring your family there to see an Eagles game and explore London for a few days?” he laughed.

He’s been a season ticket holder for 30 years and, in that time, there have been a lot of down seasons, he noted, but there have also been plenty of ups. He pointed to the McNabb era in addition to the wild success of last season.

But last year certainly stood out.

After the Super Bowl, he hired cornerback Jalen Mills to come to AFC Fitness — of which Littman is the president and CEO — to sign autographs and take photos. Understandably, it was a fun day.

“He was so nice,” Littman said. “He stood there with his green hair, took pictures, signed autographs.”

He’s hoping for another championship season and was looking forward to heading to the season opener with his two sons and a friend of theirs.

“Coming off of our championship season, it was very exciting,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to another successful season.” 

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