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Ambulance Donation Shows Power of Community

The report on the donation of a Magen David Adom ambulance by the Kehillah of Old York Road was especially heartwarming to read just before Tisha B’Av (“Synagogues of Old York Road Donate Ambulance,” July 19).

All summer long, Islamic terrorists in Gaza have been sending incendiary kites to set fire to Israeli farmland and forests. The terrorists have also been launching barrages of missiles; a rocket even hit a kindergarten in southern Israel. Unfortunately, at this time, Israelis need to know that Magen David Adom ambulances can be depended on once again.

When the article was published we were in the midst of the very season when we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple, a time each year when we are reminded that the Jewish people lost our sovereignty and our homeland because of baseless hatred and infighting. It was especially inspiring to read that “multiple synagogues from Reform to Orthodox that consistently collaborate on events and initiatives” were behind this effort to help Israelis.

To see that Pennsylvania Jews care enough about Israelis to spend their time and money on emergency equipment is the perfect tikkun olam (repair of the world). Kol hakavod to both the Kehillah of Old York Road for its efforts and to the Exponent for reporting on this.

Karma Feinstein-Cohen | Executive Director, World Herut

Mission Kids’ Pedigree Worth Pointing Out

Many thanks to the Jewish Exponent for recognizing the terrific work of Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center (“CEO Works to Help Child Victims of Abuse,” July 5). Abbie Newman and everyone involved in the organization have produced a record of achievement that has not only fundamentally protected the lives of hundreds of children, but also serves as a blueprint for other states to develop such child advocacy centers. This is Pennsylvania Proud at its finest.

Having said that, I feel compelled to point out that Mission Kids CAC was also co-founded by former Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman; Laurie O’Connor, the director of the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth; and the Police Chiefs of Montgomery County, led by the late John McGowan. Together, they created the architecture and DNA for Mission Kids, laying the foundation for its important work for decades to come.

James Andrew Miller | New Hope


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