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Evans Constituent Shouldn’t Be Surprised

A recent column by the editor-in-chief reports that Democratic Rep. Dwight Evans has now endorsed anti-Israel legislation (“Truth and Consequences,” June 28). The author seemed surprised. He shouldn’t be.

The map of Evans’ former 2nd District included a chunk of eastern Montgomery County with a sizable population of committed Jews. Under the new map, he is now in the 3rd District, with comparatively few Jews.

With the far left now taking over the Democratic Party, Evans put his finger in the air, saw how his party’s wind was blowing and adjusted his sails accordingly. The fact he had co-sponsored pro-Israel legislation in the past does not make up for what he calls his new “balanced approach.”

Arthur Rabin | Wynnewood

Orchestra Congratulation Spot On

A big thank you to Elsa and Leon Malmud for their op-ed congratulating The Philadelphia Orchestra (“Yannick’s Orchestra Overseas Tour a Source of Pride and Dignity,” June 21). Too often, we Jews are apologizing for trying to make bad things better.

Kudos to the Malmuds for a strong and proud take on the Orchestra’s visit to Israel.

Ronna Rutstein | Delray Beach, Fla.

Fund Offers Help With Fertility Treatments

A recent article shined a light on fertility challenges faced by Jews who want to create a Jewish family (“Faith and Fertility: No Need to be Alone in a Crowd,” June 21). The Hebrew Free Loan Society of Greater Philadelphia, created in 1984, helps Jews in our community by providing no-interest, no-fee loans bridging the gap to financial stability.

The Be a Family Fertility Fund of Hebrew Free Loan helps Jews meet the high cost of fertility treatment by providing no-interest, no-fee loans up to $15,000. Borrowers must live in the five-county Philadelphia area, or Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Mercer counties in New Jersey.

For more information, contact us at hflphilly.org or info@hflphilly.org.  

Cheryl Barish Erlick | Executive Director, Hebrew Free Loan Society of Greater Philadelphia


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