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Palestinians at the Border Are Dangerous

A reader writes about the Palestinians in Gaza, stating that “there wasn’t a single word from Israelis toward lifting some restrictions” (“Those Firing Rockets Aren’t the Same Palestinians as the Ones Needing Help,” June 21). This is untrue. As reported in the Times of Israel on June 1, remarkably, in the midst of an attempted invasion by hostile forces from Gaza, senior Israeli army officials are seeking to improve the economic life of Gazans.

The reader states that “you can be sure those firing the rockets are not the people clamoring at the border gates.” In fact, the “clamoring” includes rolling burning tires, setting ablaze large swaths of surrounding Israeli land, breaking through the fence and threatening to kill Jews with axes and hammers. Let’s not forget, they also want to “tear out the hearts” of Jews, as Yahya Sinwar, a Hamas head, has said. These are not peaceful protesters; many killed at the border were Hamas soldiers.

It is true that the Palestinians in Gaza often largely live in abject poverty. Perhaps if some of the hundreds of millions of dollars that the leaders of Hamas had diverted to building terror tunnels and stockpiling munitions had instead been used to improve their people’s lives, conditions wouldn’t be as dire. Perhaps if they stopped declaring their intent to destroy and ruin the Jewish state and focused on building a peaceful coexistence, the border could be open to real commerce and the average Gazan’s life would truly improve.

Ira R. Sharp | Jenkintown

Attack on Tapper and School Unfair

I was taken aback by the letter regarding Jake Tapper and Barrack Hebrew Academy (“Tapper Lecture Contrasts with Akiba-Taught Values,” June 21).

I was associated with the former Akiba Hebrew Academy for 27 years on an administrative level. The school prides itself for encouraging its students and faculty to express openly their thoughts and opinions. The fact that Jake Tapper expressed political views that differ greatly from Lita Cohen’s caused her to wrongfully condemn the entire school and its students, as well as the value of free thinking, which is the hallmark of the school and its students, past and present alike.

Tamar Adini | Philadelphia

A Tapper Responds

This is in response to the letter from Lita Cohen, which was an unwarranted, inappropriate attack on Jake Tapper (“Tapper Lecture Contrasts with Akiba-Taught Values,” June 21).

The event in question took place on May 3. My wife and I were in the room on that occasion. We did not hear Tapper voice any support for any of the Trump administration policies listed in Cohen’s letter.

Our five children all graduated from Akiba Hebrew Academy. I personally know Tapper quite well.

The only “shame” in this should be that of Cohen for writing such a grossly inaccurate, disparaging and vitriolic letter.

Theodore S. Tapper | Merion


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