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Four Chaplains, One of Whom Was Jewish, Celebrated at Navy Yard

In the excellent op-ed mentioning Jewish military history, the name of Rabbi Alexander D. Goode was mentioned (“Memorial Day and Philadelphia Jewish Military History,” May 24). Goode was one of the “four chaplains” — along with two Protestant ministers and a Catholic priest — who gave their life jackets to soldiers aboard the Dorchester, a troop ship that was torpedoed and sinking. All four went down with the ship.

There is a beautiful chapel located on Constitution Avenue in the Philadelphia Navy Yard named the Chapel of Four Chaplains and it houses pictures of these wonderful heroes and memorabilia of the Dorchester. The chapel is a nonprofit organization and is open to the public.

Frank Brodsky | Wynnewood

Gershman Y Was Known for its Dances

A recent edition of the Exponent included a sendoff to the Gershman Y (“Goodbye, Gershman Y: Arts Org to Move, Change its Name,” May 24). It contained a nostalgic comment about the Y in the late ’70s, a time period many think of as very long ago. Well, I can easily top that.

In the mid ’50s, my friends from the Feltonville section of Philadelphia and I would take the R bus and the subway to go to Broad and Pine for the Y’s rooftop dances. It was a wonderful experience.

I would love to hear from others who remember the dances. 

Susan Gross | Philadelphia


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