Letters | Flag Raising and ‘Sing Hallelujah’


Flag Raising Falls Flat

The recent flag raising at City Hall was a worthwhile celebration of the Jewish community (“Embassy Opening Spurs Celebrations Across Atlantic,” May 17). The secular birthday of the Jewish state is certainly an important event. As it turns out, the birthday was vastly eclipsed in importance by the moving of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Sadly, there was no mention during the festivities of this transfer. This is only political, as the Democratic mayor could not see fit to give honor to an event initiated by a Republican president. How pathetic that the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia needs to capitulate.

Ronald Werrin | Merion Station

Unique Event Goes Unnoticed

On May 1 at the Kimmel Center, Sing Hallelujah was held. A diverse group of more than 150 singers came together from Philadelphia and its surroundings. The music was a retrospective beginning with 19th-century synagogue compositions and continued to present-day liturgical works. The concluding piece was a tribute to Leonard Bernstein’s 100th birthday. The entire program was in honor of the 70th anniversary of Israel.

The driving force behind the program was Cantor David Tilman of Keneseth Israel, and several cantors and conductors were featured. The Kimmel Center’s organ, a harp and a drum enhanced the voices.

Following this exciting evening, which had a large, appreciative audience, I scoured the Jewish Exponent for reactions to the evening. Finding none, the newspaper was remiss in not taking note of a unique event in the local Jewish community. Much hard work was done by all the participants, and recognition would have been appreciated.

Myrna W. Birnbaum | Cherry Hill, N.J.


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