Jewish Voice for Peace – Philadelphia Hold Vigil at Rep. Boyle’s Office


Rabbinical students and Jewish Voice for Peace – Philadelphia activists held a vigil at Rep. Brendan Boyle’s Olney office on Monday, asking Boyle to condemn recent Gaza deaths.

Participants dressed in all black and carried a banner with the names of the dead, as well as signs reading “Jews Stand with Gaza” and “US Jews to Rep Boyle: Break Your Silence on Gaza.”

Jewish Voice for Peace-Philadelphia is the local chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace.


  1. Brendan Boyle loves Israel a lot more than some of our self-hating agnostic brethren. He knows darn well that the IDF was doing the best it could, under very trying circumstances, to defend the sovereign, very fragile border of Israel, while not hurting innocent individuals. The bulk of the “victims” were Hamas associated terrorists, who were brainwashed by their very cowardly dictator leaders, who were nowhere in harm’s way around the confrontation. Let Boyle’s protesters visit Hamas headquarters and try talking with these vicious creatures.

  2. I looked up the innocuous sounding “Jewish Voice for Peace” online and quickly learned that it is a radical, fringe, far-left anti-Zionist organization.

    It is such a vile organization that it is on the ADL’s top-10 list of anti-Israel organizations. Quite an honor.


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