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It’s Not Always About the Palestinians

As an American Zionist who made aliyah and became an Israeli in my 20s and stayed in Israel almost a decade, I have to say that not everything about loving Israel is black and white, just as being a patriotic American isn’t about loving the government and its decisions (“Dissent Is Not Treason,” April 26). I left when my ideology switched from putting Israel on a pedestal to actually seeing its not-so-great aspects.

With that said, Natalie Portman may have meant that she was disheartened by the mistreatment of the Palestinians in Gaza. But she also could have meant the original decision to deport the African refugees or she could have had an issue with the religious right not allowing women to read Torah at the Kotel or not recognizing gay marriage.

It’s not always just being against the treatment of Palestinians, although, it’s hard to ignore.

As the name implies, “Israel is one who struggles with God,” and as the people of Israel, many of us struggle with the way we support our beloved home. I can empathize with Portman and commend her for not sharing the stage with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Thank you for your equating Portman’s Genesis Prize decision with the White House Super Bowl visit. It was exactly where my brain went when I first saw her announcement.

S.L. | Bala Cynwyd

Op-Ed Level-Headed

I read the opinion piece by Kevin Ross with great interest (“When Fiction Masquerades as Journalism,” May 10). It would be wonderful if you could find a forum for this article in the mainstream media, reaching beyond Philadelphia’s Jewish population.

What a wonderful, level-headed piece of writing.

Joan S. LaVan | Philadelphia

A Wish to See All Coverage From ’48

I enjoy reading the Exponent, including the article looking back at Israel’s “birth” 70 years ago (“How We Covered Israel’s Founding,” April 26). It was nice seeing pictures of a couple Exponent headlines, etc., but it would be lovely if you could actually post an archive of some of the key pages/articles from ’48.

It would be an excellent way for us to capture the excitement of the moment, as you reported it.

Michael Zimet | Philadelphia


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