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A Cooperman Remembers Deli’s Prior Occupants

Great work on the new deli story (“New Jewish Deli Opens in Mt. Airy,” May 3). It is now making the rounds of members of my family.

I am one of the nine grandchildren of Daniel and Rebecca Cooperman, for whom the deli is named. One of the things I love about this story is that my grandparents kept a Jewish home in an apartment above the deli space (then Cooperman’s Pharmacy) when my cousins and I were children in the 1960s and ’70s. (We all grew up in the area — Lower Merion and Chestnut Hill.)

Epic Passover seders are a distinct memory, especially the sight of my grandmother grinding her own gefilte fish in the kitchen above the pharmacy. The fact that Jewish food is now being served in this location just brings it all back home for me.

Adam Buckman | New York City

Don’t Forget What Fuels Latest Anti-Semitism

You are correct in bemoaning the lack of Holocaust education and remembrance, especially among the younger portion of our demographic (“Defining Auschwitz Shouldn’t Be Difficult,” April 19).

But you, along with certain members of our community, are wrong when they bemoan this lack regarding the Holocaust and at the same time extol President Donald Trump. Have you forgotten Charlottesville? Have you forgotten his playing footsie with David Duke? Don’t people see the correlation between the coarseness of the president and the emergence from under the rocks of all sorts of hate, especially anti-Semitism?

What are these folks going to say when they have to discuss values with their kids (especially daughters) against a backdrop of a president bragging about sexual assault and paying $130,000 to suppress a story about his dalliance with an adult film actress?

Have you all been bought off by the symbolic act of moving an embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? To paraphrase a phrase from the Army-McCarthy hearings of the 1950s, “Have [you] no shame?”

Richard Saunders | Chincoteague, Va.

Show Orchestra Your Support

As a subscriber to the Philadelphia Orchestra, it irritates me that picketers show up at concerts protesting the upcoming tour of Israel (“Israel at 70,” April 12).

My response to these intrusions? I am increasing my contribution to the Orchestra. I am suggesting that other readers of the Exponent do the same and that they inform the Orchestra why they are doing so.

Saul Axelrod | Philadelphia


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