Letters | Recipes Askew and Taylor Force Act


Recipes Are All Over the Place

I was born and raised in Philly, and my husband and I continue to look forward to our weekly Jewish Exponent mailed to us in Florida. The articles are excellent, but the layout of your recipes are awful. It is virtually impossible to clip them out for use, as they are all over the place.

Here’s a perfect example: In the March 22 edition on page 28, the top left has the beginning of a recipe for “Apricot Macaroon Bars.” Underneath is an ad for Moish & Itzy’s; the remainder of the recipe is at the bottom on the extreme right. I have a simple fix: Continue the recipe under the beginning of it and move the ad to the lower right.

It is very frustrating, and usually I just don’t bother to cut the recipes out as much as I would like to have them. There’s too much taping to make them work.

Edina Lessack | Sanibel, Fla.

A Badly Needed Law

I recently had the opportunity to hear Stuart Force speak about his son, Taylor, a West Point graduate and Iraq war veteran who was brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist while touring in Israel as a civilian in 2016 (“Congress Passes Taylor Force Act as Part of Massive Spending Bill,” March 23). Palestinians danced in the street celebrating this horrific crime while the Palestinian Authority rewarded the terrorist’s family with a healthy monthly salary. This is standard procedure for the P.A. The bloodier the crime, the longer a terrorist jail sentence, the greater the reward to the family.

In 2017, the P.A. budgeted $350 million to reward terrorists, and this year it will be higher. Our tax dollars — financial aid intended to help Palestinians — instead are being perversely used to kill Americans and Jews. This is outrageous and is why we needed Congress to pass the Taylor Force Act, which will suspend U.S. assistance until the State Department certifies the P.A. has terminated payments for acts of terrorism.

Carol Denbo | Swampscott, Mass.


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