A Challenging Future, But the Exponent Is Proud


By Andy Cherry and Steven Rosenberg

As the Jewish Exponent winds down its 130th anniversary year, a milestone many printed publications will never reach, we want to thank you for your continued support and provide you with an update.

We take our tagline, “What it means to be Jewish in Philadelphia,” very seriously. Our print readership is close to 24,000 each week. In addition, we have tens of thousands of readers who engage with our original content online every day.

Our editorial team takes pride in our stories, and our coverage is consistently unique, original and always interesting. The editorial team has been lauded with awards, and we continue to rely primarily on locally sourced and written stories.

All of us have read about the decline of newspapers. News is consumed in a variety of different ways today, and except for the few people like us who have newspapers delivered to our homes in the mornings, picking up and reading a newspaper is very unusual. However, newspapers remain vital civic assets — nobody else will report on your community with the depth and breadth of a newspaper.

Publishing them, though, is not an easy business. The cost of the three Ps — paper, printing and postage — continues to rise. The recent tariffs on imported products being enacted in Washington has earned a lot of headlines, but less well-known is that they include a larger tariff on newsprint. This will further push our production costs up. The tariff couldn’t come at a worse time for newspapers, which across the United States have been waging an uphill battle in the face of declining ad revenues.

The Jewish Exponent relies on advertising revenue as its main source of income, but advertising in a weekly niche paper is oftentimes a challenge. Still, we have a plethora of steady and loyal advertisers, and we thank them for their continued support. These companies advertise with us because the Jewish Exponent works for their respective businesses. We hear from people constantly about success stories from advertising in the paper or via our digital platform.

This weekend you will sit around the seder table reading the haggadah, retelling the story of the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt. We know that this weekend — and throughout the coming week — you’ll also be reading the Jewish Exponent, which tells the story of the Jewish people’s contributions to the greatest city in the United States.

As you engage with us, we urge you to continue to support the Greater Philadelphia Jewish community by supporting the paper. Encourage your friends, family members and neighbors to subscribe, and to read us online. If you are a business owner or decision-maker, please consider using the Jewish Exponent as an important part of your advertising and marketing communications.

As we enter our 131st year, we promise to continue to bring you the same great stories and opinion pieces, along with a great special section commemorating Israel’s 70th birthday. Our annual Guide to Greater Jewish Philadelphia remains an incredible resource of important information that you’ll want to keep for the entire year. Moreover, our annual inserts, which focus on senior living, life cycle celebrations, personal finance and the holidays, are always something to look forward to reading.

The next 130 years promise to be very different than the first 130. Today, people consume news on their phones, tablets — even their watches — all things unthinkable even a few years ago. Please remember the importance of newsprint, especially your community’s newspaper. We know everyone doesn’t agree with every article we print, but we can agree that the community here is one of the best in the United States and the Jewish Exponent is a great resource for all of us to read and enjoy.

So thank you for your loyalty and your commitment. If you have thoughts or ideas, please reach out to either one of us or to Joshua Runyan, our editor-in-chief, at any time.

We wish you a zissen Pesach and a chag sameach!

Andy Cherry is the chair of the Jewish Publishing Group. Steven Rosenberg is the publisher’s representative and general manager of the Jewish Exponent.


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