Philacatessen | Snacking During Passover


In a city where pretzels are considered a food group and specialty donut shops have sprouted like spring crocuses, snacking without chametz can be a bit of a challenge during Pesach.

But you need not go hungry during the holiday. There are countless options to stave off hunger between seders.

Consider the following accompaniments to matzah to keep you strong for the duration of the holiday:

Cheese: Go for your favorite stinky brie, or slather a matzah with flavored cream cheese. Or make a Passover “quesadilla” by melting cheddar or jack cheese on matzah.

Nut butters: Peanut butter is ubiquitous, but how about pistachio or cashew?

Tuna, whitefish or chicken salad


Baba ganoush


Sweet tooth acting up? Dip your matzah in kosher-for-Passover melted chocolate, jam, coconut cream, fruit compote, honey or maple syrup.

I recently discovered a new and different type of matzah. A houseguest brought us a splendid gourmet gift basket of treats which contained, among other things, Surprisingly Delicious Matzo Chips.

These diamond-shaped wafers are baked in small batches by The Matzo Project in Brooklyn and are available in a variety of flavors. I devoured my cinnamon sugar chips with a cup of tea and was begging for more. That is not the common experience when eating matzah.

In addition to enjoying the taste, I got a huge kick out of the packaging, which features a bubbe-type image spouting bubbe-type quotes like: “Would it kill you to try something new?” and “Eat something, you look skinny,” and my personal favorite, following a list of serving suggestions, “The only thing you can’t do is swim after eating them!”

The Matzo Project items are available in the Philly area and can be ordered online.

Whether you go for specialty matzah or the basic brand, a bit of creativity can make for a delicious Passover.


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