Political Correctness in Short Supply


Lots of things that wouldn’t pass muster today were part of the Exponent in 1969.

Right next to the Meir article was a photo of “Miss Torch,” who was selected to promote the United Fund’s Torch Drive.

“Beautiful girls are an asset to almost any undertaking, and the United Fund is no exception,” reads the caption featuring the leggy Miss Torch Kathy Kilcoyne. A second photo features Kilcoyne and her eight-member Court of Honor.

Meantime, Page 59 includes an ad from The Snooty Fox boutique in Narberth that said, “The Snooty Fox thinks the bra-less look is great. There. Now we’ve got that off our chest.”

A page earlier, there’s an ad for Goldstein’s clothing store in South Philadelphia that prominently mentions its clothing for “roly-poly” boys “or husky … or chubby … or pudgy … or pleasingly plump.”

And there even are ads for X-rated movies, some legit (Midnight Cowboy), some less so.


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