Philacatessen | Fried Cheese Curds: Heaven on Earth


You know we’ve had cheese on the brain if you read the print column. In light of that, I went searching for unique and interesting foods in the cheese realm and found some heavenly bites at Fox & Son.

Owned by Rebecca Foxman and Zeke Ferguson (Fox & Son is an amalgam of their surnames), the Reading Terminal Market venue offers an elevated version of traditional state fair foods. Think corn dogs, smothered French fries, funnel cakes and, best of all, fried cheese curds. The entire menu is gluten free.

The restaurant is not kosher, and although there are items that would strictly forbidden by those who adhere to a kosher or kosher-style diets, there are also plenty of dishes that would be suitable for kosher-style diners.

First, some history. How did a nice Jewish girl and a nice Jewish boy end up spending their days making gourmet street food for a loyal and growing following?

Rebecca explained: “My entire family was in the food business, so I grew up around it. It seemed destined for me. Zeke and I met working at another restaurant, and we developed this concept together. It’s working out really well.”

But on to the cheese curds. These divine orbs encompass everything that is wonderful about cheese: They are creamy and melty. They are flavorful, and have some bite. There is a subtle crunch on the exterior. And if you want to go full-on decadent, ask for the homemade ranch dressing to dip. Note that the portion is generous and quite filling, so I recommend this as a snack to split with a friend you really like, or as a full meal for yourself.

The recipe is secret, but Rebecca shared the following advice for folks wanting to try this at home: “Get the best cheese curds you can. We use cheddar curds from Birchun Hills Creamery, which is a local cheese maker. On the rare occasions that we can’t get theirs, we have a source in Wisconsin. We use a coating of rice flour and some herbs and spices. Rice flour produces a crisper crust, and it is gluten free, so it was a win-win.”

I’ll just go to Fox & Son.


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