Our Men and Women in the Service


Page 13 contradicted the assertion in the front-page article that Jews were not good Americans by reporting on honors and other news about those serving during wartime.

Some examples:

Bernard Sachs, a University of Pennsylvania graduate, rose from the rank of private to a field artillery major in a little over three years of service. He participated in five major engagements and received a Bronze Star for meritorious achievements.

Meantime, Seaman First Class David Cohen earned a temporary new title, doctor, as he helped evacuate wounded soldiers from Iwo Jima.

“Since I supervised the job, they must have gotten the idea I was a medical officer,” Cohen said, noting that an air raid alert temporarily prevented the loading of wounded on a hospital ship. “I knew that it was no time to tell them that I was just a Seabee seaman, so I was ‘Doctor’ Cohen until we found a ship to take them.”

The service of two sisters also was noted. Seaman First Class Betty Applebaum was stationed with the WAVES in Maryland, while sister Zelda was in Hawaii serving with the Women’s Marine Corps Reserves.


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