June 2012 in the Exponent: Grads Swim Against the Current; A Possible Merger for Merging Families


A lot can happen in five years, but a look at the June 7, 2012 Jewish Exponent shows that some of the issues being covered then are the same as they are today.

Case in point: A lead story titled “Grads Swim Against the Current” discussed how the job prospects for recent college graduates were often grim.

The article cited a Rutgers University study that found that just 49 percent of graduates in the classes of 2009, 2010 and 2011 had found full-time jobs within a year of graduating.

And of those with jobs, less than half had found work that required a college degree.
Rhonda Cohen of JEVS Human Services said more graduates had to consider alternative or stop-gap choices.

“Because a lot of kids are still not getting jobs, the trend is to go to internships or programs like Teach for America, or to work for a nonprofit and make less salary — so there’s no gap in their resume, and they can also feel like they’re doing something good,” Cohen said.

Also on the cover was a banner above the masthead directing readers to an article inside about a rabbinic group issuing a guide to gay weddings.

And the cover includes a story about how resources for interfaith families were about to change with the proposed merger of Interfaithfamily.com of Boston and Interfaithways, a Philadelphia-based organization serving the needs of interfaith families.


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