News Briefs: Bacon Lawsuit; Charges for Death of MMA Fighter; Rabbi Says OK to Evacuate on Shabbos


Three Teens Charged in Death of Orthodox Jewish MMA Fighter

A 16-year-old girl and two 18-year-old men were charged with first-degree murder in the July 3 death of Aaron Rajman, an Orthodox Jewish mixed martial arts fighter, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Rajman was shot when several people entered his house and a fight ensued.

Summer Church, Roberto Ortiz and Jace Swinton are being held without bond. Aside from the murder charge, they also face two counts of armed home invasion robbery with a firearm.

Police said Church, who met Rajman at a convenience store months earlier, was the mastermind behind the killing, but her mother, Judith Church, told the Post that Ortiz and others forced her at gunpoint to call Rajman.

Rajman had a 2-2 record in MMA since debuting in April 2014.

Jewish Woman Files Suit Against Denny’s, Alleging Bacon in ‘Loaded Veggie Omelet’

A Sterling Heights, Mich., woman filed a lawsuit against Denny’s after alleging she found bacon in her “loaded veggie omelet” on Aug. 25, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Angela Montgomery said she took a few bites of the omelet before cutting into it and finding the bacon. Both a waitress and manager apologized; they said the bacon — which was in a container next to vegetables — was mistakenly added.

Montgomery’s suit says she “is a practicing Jew and whose religion forbids the eating of any pork product.”

A pig is “an abominable food,” Montgomery said to the Free Press. “It’s, like, the most vile, disgusting creature on planet Earth that’s not supposed to go in your body, and I ate it. … I was poisoned.”

Racist Business Cards Found in Pittsburgh Jewish Neighborhood

Business cards with images of a swastika and a noose have been found in Pittsburgh’s largely Jewish Squirrel Hill neighborhood, the Associated Press reported.

The front of the cards feature a swastika, while the back has an image of a noose and the words “It’s not illegal to be white … yet.”

FBI Special Agent Gregory Heeb said white supremacist and neo-Nazi literature and stickers have shown up in the neighborhood in recent weeks.

Rabbi Gives OK for Jews to Travel on Shabbat to Flee Hurricane

Prior to the weekend arrival of Hurricane Irma, influential Ashkenazi Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky said Jews may travel on Shabbat to flee the storm, JTA reported.

The Israeli rabbi’s ruling came about the same time as several Florida counties issued mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders.

Still, many Jews in Miami apparently rode out the storm, Rabbi Chaim Lipskar, co-director of Miami’s Shul of Downtown, said.

Before the storm, Lipskar said his father would weather the storm in the Chabad House with its solid steel and concrete construction.

“We have gas generators, food and water; we are all set up,” the rabbi said.

Sorry Fantasy Football Fans: Bears RB Tarik Cohen is not Jewish

Chicago Bears rookie running back Tarik Cohen made an impressive debut Sept. 10, but Jewish fantasy football fans need to look elsewhere for a new hero, according to JTA.

The team confirmed Cohen, nicknamed “The Human Joystick,” is not a member of the tribe.


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