Philacatessen | The Bagel Place: A Great Place to Nosh


The Bagel Place at 404 Queen St. in Philadelphia’s Queen Village neighborhood is a bright, spacious, inviting, immaculately clean corner eatery where bagels are king.

I lunched there last week, and was delighted by the food, the atmosphere and the service. The Exponent profiled the place and the owner here recently, but I wanted to sample the wares.

The menu offers an array of bagels, spreads, pastries and sandwiches, and with the exception of the smoked fish and deli meats, everything is made in house.

We sampled the smoked beet reuben and the avocado BLT with turkey bacon. Both were terrific.

The reuben was a unique and delicious take on the classic. The beets — roasted and smoked in house — were flavorful and easily took the place of the traditional meat. The fixings of garlic dill sauerkraut, Russian dressing and cornichons brought a variety of textures and tastes to the sandwich. Result: delicious.

The avocado BLT was similarly well crafted; ripe avocados, pristine tomatoes, crisp turkey bacon and fresh lettuce delivered a perfect execution of this tried-and-true lunch favorite.

We also sampled delightful chocolate rugalach with a cup of fresh La Colombe coffee for dessert. No complaints there.

The menu offers a wide variety of bagels and spreads, as well as breakfast and lunch sandwiches. The lunch combos range from traditional items like tuna melts and lox to more unique things such as the aforementioned smoked beet reuben and roasted portobello.

Owner Ringo Roseman has a clear vision of his concept: “To do a place like this well, you have to perfect the classics first. If someone comes in wanting a tuna melt, we need to be sure our tuna melt is the best it can be. Then we can start playing around with kimchi and more experimental ingredients.

“We like to expand on the menu and have fun with different things — this is fun for us and keeps my staff from getting bored, and keeps it interesting for our customers. But we will always be true to the classics.”

If you go:

The Bagel Place

404 Queen St.

Philadelphia 19147



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