Hodgepodge of Items Populate Interior Pages


Many of the Exponent’s interior pages of that era featured a mélange of items.

Page 8, for example, had an ad for a refrigerator where “a touch of the toe and the door swings open” — sort of a predecessor to that new car feature where SUV back doors open if you wave your foot beneath.

A stranger ad appeared on Page 9 for a Velvet Skin-Patter, which “pats in skin food electrically.” The ad claimed the $5 device could make skin lines disappear and increase blood circulation, among other things.

Another ad — seeking to raise $50,000 for the Uptown Home for the Aged — intoned, “Conscientiously you must give. 110 lives broken physically and spiritually are eagerly awaiting your answer.”

Going back to Page 8, readers found a Contract Bridge column, notice of a United Synagogue of America convention in Atlantic City and a blurb on the funeral of Louis Shapiro, a public health adviser to the Siamese government.

A Domestic Notes column offered “Happenings of Interest in American Jewry,” including word that “New Castle Jewry will tender a testimonial dinner to Marcus Feuchtwanger on the occasion of his seventieth birthday.”


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