July ’53 in the Exponent: Israel News Abounds During the Height of Summer


Adlai Stevenson Says Israel Most Progressive Mideast Nation

Three separate articles connected to Israel graced the cover of the July 31, 1953 Jewish Exponent.

One article focused on comments made in Look magazine by vanquished 1952 Democratic presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson (who’d suffer the same fate in 1956). He said, “More human and material progress is concentrated in tiny Israel than the rest of the Middle East put together.”

In Look, Stevenson had said the Arab demands for major alterations to Israel’s border were unrealistic. He also called for the resettlement of Arab refugees to their native countries.

A second article reported that the Senate Appropriations Committee had restored $20 million in economic assistance to Israel, the Arab states and Iran.

And the bottom of the page featured both an article and photograph featuring orphans Robert and Gerald Finaly, who had at one point been abducted by Catholic priests in France as part of a saga that lasted nearly a decade.

The boys, 12 and 10, respectively, were released into the custody of their aunt, Hedwig Rosner, and taken to her home in Gedera, Israel.

Robert and Gerald had been left at a French municipal orphanage by their German refugee parents in 1944; the parents were murdered by the Nazis shortly thereafter. Legal proceedings lasted several years before the boys were allowed to leave for Israel.

A 2006 book said Robert Finaly became a doctor, while Gerald Finaly had a military career.


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