Letters, the Week of June 15, 2017


Familiar with Cemetery Problems

I read with a familiar sense of personal upheaval the article regarding overlapping cemetery plots in Shalom Memorial Park (“Overlapping Cemetery Plots Stir Frenzy, Lawsuit,” June 8). In May 2015, as I approached my husband’s grave for a visit I saw that my own grave next to his had been prepared for a burial. It was, as they say, “an out-of-body experience.” How could the cemetery be burying someone next to my husband in my own grave?

The first thing that I did was to call my brother, an attorney. He advised me to take pictures and then to speak with someone in the office. Despite a letter from Shalom assuring me that there is still room for my grave, and that the grave readied for that day’s funeral was indeed for someone other than myself, I fear that my own children will one day confront a jarring and unnecessary situation akin to that of David Waxler.

Jewish cemeteries should be the domain of the Jewish community. It is my hope that some philanthropist will purchase Shalom, and perhaps the other Jewish cemeteries, so that the administration will be local, Jewish and communal.

Shelly Chasan | Huntingdon Valley

Embassy Belongs in Israeli Capital, Jerusalem

We respectfully take issue with the assertion in your editorial that “the status of Jerusalem and the location of the U.S. Embassy have very little to do with the U.S. commitment to the Jewish state” (“Reunited Jerusalem at 50,” June 8).

Until the White House and State Department declare and put into practice the fact that undivided Jerusalem is in Israel and is Israel’s capital, it is a wink to the Arabs and the Muslim world that they have a hope of wresting all or part of the city from the Jewish people. Additionally, the failure to do so says to Israelis that, in the eyes of America, they do not have the right to designate their own capital.

U.S. embassies are in the capitals of every nation where we have an embassy — except for in Israel. This is not how a nation should treat a trusted ally.

Furthermore, the Jewish people not only marked the anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem this month, but also the liberation of Samaria and Judea — our biblical heartland. Lest we forget.

Lee Bender and Kevin Ross, co-presidents

Steve Feldman, executive director | Greater Philadelphia ZOA

Israelis Unique in Approach to Conquered Land

Every nation, since history began, claims sovereignty over conquered territory (“Fifty Years After War, We Must Redouble Efforts for Two-State Peace,” June 8). This includes China over Tibet, the United States from coast to coast, and Jordan over Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem in 1948.

Only the current Jewish Israelis “win” wars, then negotiate for 50 years trying to get the implacable enemy to “play nice.” When will they ever learn?

Henry Frank | Philadelphia


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