Page 7 Article Notes Ominous Trend


It was relegated to an inside page, but the article’s headline says it all: “German Anti-Semites Becoming Active.”

“The German anti-Semites are engaged upon a scheme of making their organization international in scope and communications are held with similar organizations in Paris and London,” the article reported.

In addition, there are references to an alliance between communists and the Hakenkreutzer (German-speaking organizations that displayed a swastika) “against the new government on the common ground hatred against the Jews.”

It also notes a split between anti-Semitic groups supporting Rupert, Crown Prince of Bavaria, and those backing Erich Ludendorff, a World War I German general.

Without mentioning his first name, the article said Adolf Hitler — a decade before he took office — supported Ludendorff.

Six weeks later, Hitler and Ludendorff were among the leaders of the Beer Hall Putsch, a failed coup that landed Hitler in jail for a year — during which time he wrote much of Mein Kampf.


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