Letters, the Week of May 25, 2017


Kudos for Local Focus

Reading the excellent article about the Exponent in the May 15 Philadelphia Inquirer and the varying opinions regarding its content, I recall being told one cannot please everyone and, if one tries, he ends up pleasing no one.

Though I consider myself a lox-and-bagel Jew, I support the Jewish Federation and many Jewish causes to which I can relate; no one could support them all. I support and empathize with Israel, but daily papers and television give me more in-depth information than the Exponent could afford to do, so I look to the Exponent for local news and human interest stories because that is what local papers do best.

I am not interested in digital publications because I love the feel of newsprint just as I like to hold a book and watch movies in black-and-white. I truly feel the more local interest the Exponent can generate, the more likely it will exist for another 130 years.

Ralph D. Bloch | Rydal

Political Profile Smells Like an Endorsement

The Exponent owes its readers an apology for the one-sided article about a local Republican’s run for the Senate (“Jeff Bartos Says Sen. Casey Shouldn’t Go to Bat for Pennsylvania,” May 4).

To regurgitate Bartos’ endorsement of the Trump administration’s policies without giving Casey or his supporters the opportunity to respond in the same article — and the failure to point to Casey’s significant record — is not the way I learned journalism or the way I practiced it when I had the opportunity.

Casey has been a strong and consistent supporter of the State of Israel and the core values of the Jewish community. Bartos and others have every right to run against him, but the Exponent can and should do better than to appear to fall over itself so easily in describing Bartos’ blind acceptance of an administration that is well on its way to causing unmeasurable harm to Pennsylvanians.

William Epstein | East Falls

Casey Deserves Another Term

It troubled me to read that Jeff Bartos was denigrating the record of Sen. Bob Casey (“Jeff Bartos Says Sen. Casey Shouldn’t Go to Bat for Pennsylvania,” May 4).

Casey made numerous trips to the Mideast as chair of the Near East Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. He has been searching for a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and continues to support the State of Israel.

His support of the Affordable Care Act has certainly benefited the millions who were uninsured or had pre-existing medical conditions. I wonder if Bartos would vote for President Donald Trump’s preferred replacement.

The only person besides Trump who I have heard describe the Cabinet as world-class is Bartos. With a secretary of education who is against public education and an environmental protection secretary who wants to abolish the department, I am not comfortable with anyone who describes them as world-class.

Bernie Dishler | Elkins Park


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