As Always, Food a Popular Subject


Our food columns are one of our most popular features, and the same apparently was true in the Eisenhower era.

Mrs. Leland W. Behr — note the anachronistic style of women referred to by their husband’s name — provided recipes on a food-centric page that “will provide the finishing touch to any meal.”

Behr chaired the 112th annual dinner dance of Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, and it’s a good possibility her cherry torte, custard and graham cracker cake and apple and banana crisp were on the menu. Ironically, the Exponent wrote about the synagogue just last week, as it celebrates its 170th anniversary.

Aside from Behr’s recipes, numerous ads could be found on the page, including those for three products still available today: Tetley Tea, Wolff’s Kasha and Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Ravioli (now Chef Boyardee).


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