Photo Finish


One of the best things about working at a 130-year-old publication is having access to its archives.

There’s an entire room at the Exponent offices, fondly called “the morgue,” filled with filing cabinet after filing cabinet of nothing but Jewish history. Manila folders bulge with yellowing ephemera: old photographs, articles, press releases, annual reports, organization brochures, drawings and more.  

Poring over the folders as we considered our anniversary, we couldn’t help but notice how many celebrity photos there are in the files, representing decades of Jewish entertainers who came to Philadelphia either to perform or get awards.

We’ve got everything from a photo of Eddie Fisher at Lit Brothers, holding an American flag as it’s blessed by a rabbi, to a promotional photo of Barbra Streisand in advance of her appearance in the musical Funny Girl at the Forrest Theatre.

Looking at these photos makes you realize how much joy these Jewish entertainers brought to the Philadelphia area throughout the years.

See how many of these folks you recognize. But be careful if you play the game with younger friends or family members — you just might date yourself!




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