‘Hamilton’ Haggadah Tells the Story of Tonight


You can finally be in “the room where it happens” — if you don’t mind singing all the parts at your dining room table with a little Hebrew mashup.

Two Reconstructionist Rabbinical College students, Emily Cohen and Jake Adler, created the Hamilton Haggadah based on the award-winning Broadway musical.

The Haggadah is free to download, and if you need help nailing those melodies — or tongue-twisting rap verses — there is a musical accompaniment via SoundCloud.

According to a Forward article, they recorded their songs using the built-in microphone on Cohen’s computer. They finished most of the 46-page Haggadah in only eight days.

“Because we were having so much fun writing it, we just wrote so much — we ended up with 11 songs,” Adler recounted to the Forward.

Alexander Hamilton himself would no doubt approve of the project. In Ron Chernow’s biography of the Founding Father, he writes that Hamilton went to a Jewish school early on.

“Perhaps from this exposure at an impressionable age, Hamilton harbored a lifelong reverence for Jews,” Chernow wrote in Alexander Hamilton. “In later years, he privately jotted on a sheet of paper ‘the progress of the Jews … from their earliest history to the present time has been and is entirely out of the ordinary course of human affairs. …”

History definitely has its eyes on you — and your seder plate.


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