Letters, the Week of March 9, 2017


Memorializing a Master

Kudos to the Exponent on its feature story about the passing of business and civic giant Albert Boscov (“Death of Albert Boscov Marks the End of an Era,” March 2). Though short of stature, Al radiated enormous positivity wherever he ventured.

I had the good fortune to be a landlord of a Boscov’s store, and so became a member of Al’s family. This gave me a ringside seat for watching the master at work as well as being his partner in a major philanthropic venture. Al was the same in both — sweet, professional, passionate, determined and successful.

Al set an example in whatever he touched — his love for his family and his employees was always visible — as was his love for the Jewish community and his hometown.

Al was truly one of a kind. May his memory be for a blessing.

Gary Erlbaum | Ardmore

Trump Is to Blame

Joshua Runyan’s column recaps recent anti-Semitic incidents across the country and calls for action to “defeat the scourge we all thought had long ago been relegated to the periphery of society” (“Plenty of Blame to Go Around,” March 2). I agree.

He then labels it “ridiculous” to place the blame on the newest occupant of the White House and his administration. Calling out President Trump for his words and actions is quite appropriate. During his campaign he appealed to white nationalists, refused to disassociate himself from David Duke and tweeted an image of a Star of David with Hillary Clinton’s face superimposed on a pile of money. He hired Steve Bannon of Breitbart. Once in office, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, he couldn’t bring himself to mention that the vast majority of those killed were Jews.

Trump’s behaviors and actions tacitly gave permission to extremists to act out their fantasies rather than just talk amongst themselves. Runyan denigrates the statement of the Anne Frank Center saying that Trump’s “presidency has given the oxygen of incitement to some of most viciously hateful elements of society.”

By ignoring the true source of resurgent anti-Semitism, the editor does us a disservice.

Alan Friedman | Margate, N.J.

No Fan of Shrimp

I was offended by the advertisement for Sam’s Italian Market on Page 24 of the March 2 issue. To clearly advertise shrimp appears to be an endorsement to eat shellfish.

While most of the Jewish community does not follow the kashrut laws, a portion of the community is observant, and this ad is offensive to them. What a Jew does at home, behind closed doors, is his business. But a publication sponsored by the Jewish Federation should not to offend Jewish readers as a whole.

I understand that advertising covers publication costs, but there is a balance. I hope in the future the Jewish Exponent edits its advertisements so as not to offend the observant Jewish community.

Gerry Magid | Huntingdon Valley


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