Philacatessen | Plant Pure: New Vegan, Kosher Option in Center City


Plant Pure, a bright new café located at 1115 Walnut St., lives by its slogan, “Good for you. Good for the Earth.”

The whole food, plant-based menu offers an impressive variety of flavors and dishes while remaining completely vegan — and certified kosher.

Owner Fernando Peralta explained, “We did not start out as a kosher restaurant, but customers kept asking, and it seemed like a good idea because of the high interest level. The International Kosher Council was very helpful, easy to work with and they now come for monthly inspections to ensure compliance. It has worked out really well.”

The menu offers PlantPure Bowls, which diners can customize according to personal preference — you start with a base of brown rice, quinoa or roasted potatoes; choose a protein of soy strips, seitan, baked tofu or black beans; and then top it with a PlantPure sauce of red coconut curry, jerk peanut, teriyaki or creamy mushroom.

There also is a salad bar, a selection of sandwiches and wraps and a smaller menu of side dishes and kids’ options.

Full disclosure: I am a big fan of vegetable dishes, but not a fan of soy-based products masquerading as meat. So we opted for dishes that were straightforward vegetarian, featuring grains, legumes and vegetables, and avoided the tofu and seitan.

My companion and I sampled the PlantPure Burger, which was a lentil flaxseed patty topped with kale, tomato, avocado and vegan mayo on a bun. It was good — especially when we doused it with the interesting array of condiments offered at the salad bar.

We also had the PlantPure tacos, a toothsome combo of roasted corn, peppers, yams, onion and avocado—the shells were particularly flavorful and crisp, and both the green salsa and pico de gallo accompaniments were excellent. We were spooning p the salsas when we ran out of food to dip.

The décor is clean, appropriately spartan and all dishware and cutlery are biodegradable. The servers are friendly and helpful, and the restaurant offers catering service for large and small parties.

And the price is right; our lunch bill, for the burger, tacos and two beverages came to under $20.

If you go:

1115 Walnut St. Philadelphia 19107



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