JFCS Offers Tips on How To Speak With Children Regarding Traumatic Events at Jewish Day Schools and JCCs


JFCS Sq Logo2.pngThe bomb threats at Jewish day schools and Jewish Community Centers may have proven traumatic to some children, so Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia has offered some tips for parents.

Robin Axelrod Sabag, the assistant director of JFCS Counseling and Therapeutic Services, offered the following five tips:

  1. Try to stay calm: If you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, your child will sense this.
  2. Allow your child the space to feel whatever she is feeling. Try not to tell your child how to feel, but let her express her concerns, and just be there to listen and support her. Validate your child’s feelings.
  3. Give your child information that is age appropriate. Children hear things from others, but it is best if they hear it from you. Keep information simple.
  4. Provide your child with reassurance. Let him know that although it is okay to be feel anxious or scared, that the community is doing everything in its power to keep him safe.
  5. Remember that children are resilient. Although they may feel scared and want to stay home after an event, it is important that they return to normalcy and their structured routine as soon as possible.


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