Philacatessen | Take That, Winter! February BLT


One of my favorite sandwiches in summer is the classic BLT: crisp turkey or beef bacon, fresh lettuce, toasted whole-grain bread, a schmear of mayo and slabs of ripe, juicy tomato.

Winter is in full swing, so the traditional BLT is not a real option, with substandard tomatoes from afar on offer at the market. But my recent love affair with the sun-dried tomato has enabled me to enjoy a winter version of this summer treat. We have enjoyed this for lunch on its own, and as a light supper accompanying salad or soup. It isn’t July, but it’s good.

February BLT

Makes 1 sandwich

2 slices hearty, whole-grain bread

3 slices turkey or beef bacon

Lettuce (arugula, romaine or green leaf preferred, but iceberg works, too)

4 sun-dried tomato halves, cut in strips

1 tablespoon mayo

Place bacon on a microwave plate wrapped in a paper towel and cook for three minutes. Check for doneness and cook another minute, if needed.

In a small bowl, place the sun-dried tomato strips and cover with water. Cook in the microwave for one minute. Let it sit for a few minutes to hydrate, then drain.

Toast the bread, slather with mayo, then place the bacon, tomato strips and lettuce on the bread. Enjoy, and dream of summer.


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