Letters, the Week of Jan. 12, 2017


Nothing Sanctified in an Interfaith Marriage

Seymour Rosenbloom’s decision to perform intermarriage is a desecration of the sacred Jewish marriage contract that he took an oath to uphold [“Rabbinical Assembly Expels Retired Local Rabbi for Performing Interfaith Weddings,” Dec. 22]. How can he, in good conscience, stand under a chuppah and proclaim that an intermarriage is sanctified according to the laws of Moses and Israel and talk of building a Jewish home? And of what meaning to the non-Jewish spouse is the destruction of the Temple, as symbolized by the glass breaking?

Is it altruism? Maybe. Is it money? Most definitely. Before arriving at this epiphany, Rosenbloom referred intermarriage requests to Reform rabbis. Now he can participate in this bonanza.     

Zachary Margolies | Philadelphia


A Simpler Explanation: Obama Hates Israel

You editorialized “there doesn’t seem to be any better explanation” for soon-to-be ex-President Obama’s having abstained at the United Nations than his “petty … personal animosity” towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [“Obama Abstains on Israel,” Dec. 29].

This posture is emblematic of Jewish Democrats who have ignored two-terms’ worth and more of Obama’s Israel hatred. Obama’s motives were most assuredly ideological and evil.

That’s why I petitioned Alan Dershowitz — the leading liberal-progressive apologist — to renounce his Obama endorsements, for confession is the necessary first step toward achieving surcease. I await the outbreak of an intra-party civil war, led by Jews who finally should demonstrate they haven’t forgotten ethics and Zionism.

Robert Sklaroff | Abington


Letter Against Democrats Offensive

As a patriotic American and a loyal Jew, I was deeply offended by Steve Cohen’s letter [“American Jews Clinging to the Past,” Dec. 29].

When it comes down to what Cohen castigates as “overt anti-Israel and barely concealed anti-Semitic views” in the past election campaign the American left cannot hold a candle to the white nationalist alt-right.

Indeed, just this month, a synagogue in Santa Monica was vandalized with excrement, and white supremacists are planning an armed march on a Jewish community in Montana. Has Cohen forgotten that Jew-hating luminaries as David Duke, Richard Spencer and Alex Jones all enthusiastically endorsed Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party, not Hillary Clinton?

More to the point, to assume, as Cohen seems to suggest, that American Jewry, in deciding for whom to vote, should focus exclusively on foreign affairs and ignore America’s own domestic travails plays into the hands of anti-Semites on both the right and the left.
Jesse H. Wohlberg | Philadelphia


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