Eli Noam Silverman



Fran and Roy Silverman of Holland announce the birth of their grandson, Eli Noam, on March 30.

Eli Noam is also welcomed by his parents, Joshua (Chaim Baruch) and Laliev Silverman, and his big brothers, Yeshiya Simcha, Yosef Shalom and Nehemiah Nosson of Baltimore, Md.

Sharing in their happiness is his grandfather, David Ben Avraham of Gaithersberg, Md. The baby is also the grandson of the late Ann Ben Avraham.

Joining in welcoming Eli Noam are Uncle Matthew, Aunt Heather and cousin Logan Rose Nordahl of Los Angeles, Calif., and great-great aunt Lucy Saltzman of Huntington Valley. He is also welcomed by several great-aunts, great-uncles and cousins.


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