Holden Sawyer Ehrlich




Rina (née Geltzer) and Michael Ehrlich of Newtown announce the birth of their son, Holden Sawyer (Leor Eytan), on May 14.

Sharing in their simcha are Bubbie and Zeydie Shelley and David Geltzer and Grandmom and Grandpop Beth and Paul Ehrlich.

He is also welcomed with love by Aunt Lauren and Uncle Peter Rose, Aunt Shari and Uncle Ian Senior, and Aunt Aly and Uncle Steve Ehrlich. Also, by his big cousins, Micah, Eli, Asher, Charley and Sydney.

Holden Sawyer is named for his paternal great-grandmother, Helen Glickman, and his maternal great-grandmother, Shirley Levin. His Hebrew name means a “strong light,” which honors both of his namesakes. We hope their memory will provide a great light for his journey through life.


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