Letters, the Week of Sept. 15, 2016


Readers discuss Donald Trump, the Olympics and anti-Semitism.

Way to Go, Ivy!
A heartfelt thank you to Ivy L. Bryan for her letter reminding us about some of Donald Trump’s intentions (“Trump Defender’s Logic Suspect,” Sept. 8).
Trump wants to round up and deport 11 million illegal immigrants; he wants to round up and deport 11 million people. As Jews, as Americans, as human beings we always have to be watchful. Anyone who would even suggest that mass roundups and deportations would be a solution to a problem cannot be the leader of the United States.
Hitler had a solution, too.
Sheryl Kalick | Northeast Philadelphia
Why the Surprise That Women Olympians Can Pass?
I read “Announcer’s Olympics Experience Solid Gold” (Sept. 8) with great interest. But when I came across his baseless conclusion that the U.S. women’s basketball team that played in the Olympic Games did not possess “the sheer athleticism as their male counterparts,” I wondered if there was a hint (or a blatant stench) of sexism.
I then read an unintentionally humorous quote from Mr. Zumoff and had no doubt: “[The women players] can dribble. Pass. Run. Defend. … It was fun to watch.” Wow. I’d be horrified if any of those amazing athletes about whom he so patronizingly spoke read this article.
Dara Lovitz | Bala Cynwyd 
Rising Anti-Semitism More Important Than a Texas Rabbi
I am surprised and shocked you would choose to editorialize this subject (“A Rabbi Is ‘Lynched,’” Sept. 8). Anyone, especially a rabbi, who would even think about visiting the grave of a mass murderer of Jews and so many other good people deserves criticism, no matter how well-meaning his intentions. But my main question is, why are you writing about this and not about the virulent anti-Semitism taking place on college campuses in the guise of “free speech”?
Jewish and pro-Israel students and professors and being intimidated, attacked and harassed. They are afraid to identify as Jews in public, such as by wearing yarmulkes, for fear of attacks like in Europe.
Forgiveness when someone admits a mistake is a good thing, especially this time of year. But it is not a good thing to ignore the persecution of our fellow Jews both here and abroad. The Jewish people need you to cover rising anti-Semitism a lot more.
Leroy Kardon | Merion


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