Obama Makes Campaign Stop on Behalf of Clinton


President Obama addressed a partisan crowd on Sept. 13 in front of the “Rocky” steps.

In the shadow of the famed “Rocky” steps, President Obama kept talking Sept. 13 about Hillary Clinton’s ability to keep getting up every time she’s been knocked down.

And having lost her first shot to him for America’s “heavyweight” title of president in 2008, he’s confident she will come out victorious in the Nov. 8 sequel against Donald Trump.

“What sets Hillary apart is she keeps on going,” said Obama, during a 40-minute speech which he conceded may be the last time in office he addresses the partisan Philadelphia audience. “She never stops fighting for us, even if we don’t appreciate it.

“The choice we make just eight weeks from today will determine direction of the country for a long time. But it’s not the usual choice between left- and right-wing attitudes. This is a fundamental choice about the very image of America.”

Stepping onto the Eakins’ Oval podium to a rousing ovation at 1:40 p.m., about 10 minutes ahead of schedule, Obama spoke to a mix of black and white, men and women, young and old

Obama launched into a recitation of his greatest “hits” during his presidency, then said it was critical that Clinton is allowed to pick up where he leaves off.

“We showed progress was possible,” Obama said, responding to each “I love you” coming from the gallery with “I love you, too.” “But we knew all along progress wouldn’t be quick.

“We still have work to do. For four years, I had a front-row seat seeing her work tirelessly [as secretary of state] because she knew what was at stake and wanted to make sure every child would have the same opportunities her granddaughter will.

Before Obama arrived, the crowd was greeted by a number of speakers, including Democratic senatorial candidate Katie McGinty, who urged them to make more Philadelphia history by electing Pennsylvania’s first woman senator to go with its first woman president.

“I have a special request for you,” McGinty said. “Join me in a two-for-one and shatter that second glass ceiling as well. We have a mission.

“We’re going to send Pat Toomey packing. And when we send Pat packing, we’ve got to dump Trump.”

That elicited a “dump Trump” refrain from the crowd. Later, though, when Obama mentioned the Republican candidate, he got a different response — booing.

“Don’t boo,” the president replied, echoing his sentiments at the recent Democratic National Convention. “Vote. Booing is easy.”

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