The Rebrand Skinny


Jewish Federation Chief Marketing Officer (and publisher’s representative of the Jewish Exponent) Steve Rosenberg started the rebrand, in part, in the name of cohesion.

“Our stuff didn’t flow; it didn’t go together. It was plaids and stripes,” he said. “All of our affinity groups had their own logos, they all had their own identities. While various entry points are important to any organization, they’re all branches, and [the fact that] the tree itself is the Jewish Federation always got lost.
“We wanted to be able to easily articulate what we do. We have fresh, modern language to go with a fresh, modern look. Once people understand what we do, getting them involved should not be that difficult because what we do is unbelievable and unbelievably important. We don’t want people to have any question as to what we do and the critical importance of our work, whether it be in social responsibility or Jewish continuity locally or in Israel.
“Everything is very templated, so we don’t have to start from scratch [for collateral] — we just have to put the right words in the right place. We’ll be less of a [design] production shop and more of a marketing shop that can look at new partnerships and ways of engagements, which is what we should have been doing all this time, but we’ve been so focused on creating invitations and fliers and brochures. The brand has so much flexibility to it now.”
Below are some of the main components of the new Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia identity, along with comments from some of the central players who made it all happen.
Key words: “giving,” “inclusion” and “tradition.”
“We’re a fundraising organization; we want to be inclusive; and no matter what, if you’re a Jew, there’s tradition.” — S.R.
Brand promise: “Leading and mobilizing our Jewish community through giving, inclusion and tradition.”
“It’s very simple. Straightforward. Nobody can look at that and say, ‘Who wants to be involved in that organization?’” — S.R.
Tagline: “Carry the light.”
“Our old tagline — ‘One People. One Community. One Federation’ — is a very old way of telling people who you are, and it’s not the right way of telling people who you are. Our new tagline is inscriptive — it’s a look forward. When you’re carrying the light for someone, you’re really helping people out. It resonates with the young people, with the older people, with women, with men, with people in Israel, with people here.” — S.R.
Logo: Stylized, woven flame
“One of the things that we heard a lot in our research and in interviewing people from the Jewish Federation was this idea of legacy and carrying the Jewish tradition on to the next generation. So this idea of carrying a light, carrying the torch to the next generation is how we came up with the idea of the flame. The flame is symbolic in Judaism. And then some of the language Jewish Federation is using … that’s how we came up with the form of the flame: weaving giving, inclusion and tradition together.”  — Lucy Price, senior designer, J2 Design
“Our new logo … is interconnected, there’s shadowing. There’s architecture to the logo. The words ‘Jewish Federation’ are [now] more prominent than the words ‘Greater Philadelphia’ because that’s more important. The fonts we use are all very modern.” — S.R.
“There is some really deep meaning behind that logo. It’s a contemporary take on traditional symbolism. We really wanted to go with something that was recognizable but at the same time was pushing us into the future. The weaving aspect of it talks about the weaving of our communities.” — Rachel Calman, director of marketing and communications, Jewish Federation
Mission: “The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia mobilizes financial and volunteer resources to address the communities’ most critical priorities, locally, in Israel, and around the world.
“In today’s world, there isn’t one community. At the end of the day, everybody has to have some belonging to the Jewish community, but in the Jewish community, there are many communities, and you’ll see the word ‘communities’ used a lot by us [now], whether it’s the modern Orthodox, the LGBT community — there is something for everybody here.” — S.R.
Seven brand attributes: informed, inclusive, compassionate, efficient, responsive, accessible, strong.
“That’s what our brand is going to embody. That’s our personality.” — R.C.
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