Letters, the Week of Aug. 11, 2016


Readers discuss the ADL, ZOA and DNC.

Printing Attack on ADL Unjustified
As the chair of the regional board of the Anti-Defamation League, I was puzzled and chagrined that the Exponent printed the national president of the Zionist Organization of America’s diatribe against the ADL (“ADL’s Acceptance of Johnson Apology Unconscionable,” Aug. 4).
The national president attacked ADL for being “weak” and for not speaking out forcefully enough against anti-Semitism. ADL, however, continues to lead the fight against anti-Semitism through fact-based analysis of the trends and rapid response to incidents. It has repeatedly condemned anti-Semitism and those who engage in stereotypes, including, most recently, the incident cited in the article involving Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.).
Your printing of one Jewish group’s scurrilous criticism of another Jewish group is particularly unsettling. When Jews attack each other for being insufficiently supportive of Israel, anti-Semites smile. What are you thinking? You are a newspaper that purports to be “what it means to be Jewish in Philadelphia.” The ZOA’s attack is the kind of hate speech the ADL deplores.
Judith Meyer | Haverford
To Clarify, ZOA Not Behind Republican Protest
The Zionist Organization of America is a bipartisan organization. We assert that support for Israel is, has been and must remain a bipartisan issue, and we are grateful for the support Israel receives from both sides of the aisle.
While we do not have any quarrel with the Republican Jewish Coalition’s decision to protest a J Street event during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, ZOA had nothing whatsoever to do with organizing that protest — contrary to what some may have inferred from an article the Jewish Exponent (“J Street Met By Both Supporters and Protestors,” Aug. 4). Individuals are free to attend events in their own capacities, but this particular event was not officially endorsed by ZOA and was not marketed in any way.
We do vehemently reject J Street’s positions, including its support for dividing Jerusalem and funding the Palestinian Authority, and advocating for the Iran deal, which rewards the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.
Lee Bender and Kevin Ross | Co-Presidents
Steve Feldman | Executive Director
Kosher Grill Beats Out Cleveland by a Mile
It was wonderful to read about the latest kosher concession stand and even better to know it was such a hit at the Democratic National Convention (“Kosher Grill at the Wells Fargo Center,” Aug. 4).
It was unfortunate, however, to read Jake Turx’s remarks that “they didn’t have anything inside like this in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention,” especially since Ivanka Trump is an Orthodox Jew married to an Orthodox Jew.
If Donald Trump has the slightest interest in a Jewish vote, the seemingly small oversights like this are something he should enlist his daughter and son-in-law to help correct.
Lisa Picker | Lafayette Hill


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