Designer Randi Rahm: From the Red Carpet to Your Closet

Randi Rahm’s specialty is magnificent evening gowns and cocktail dresses, many with intricate beading. You’ve seen them on the red carpet, worn by everyone from JLo to Fergie and Carrie Underwood, to The Bachelorette.

One of the best parts about being a fashion writer is getting to meet fashion designers.
Talented, creative and often charming, each designer’s story is different and fascinating.
And all of this applies to Randi Rahm.
I met Rahm at Neiman Marcus King of Prussia recently, where she was the featured guest at Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Cis B. Golder Quality of Life Grant Luncheon.
Often a go-to fund for clients of Jewish Family and Children’s Service (JFCS), the Cis Golder Grant provides dollars — and hope — for women with financial needs as they battle breast cancer and its traumas.
Though worn by celebrities and fashionistas around the world, several women were not familiar with Rahm, and it was a fun to watch them “ooh” and “ahh.”
Rahm’s specialty is magnificent evening gowns and cocktail dresses, many with intricate beading. You’ve seen them on the red carpet, worn by everyone from JLo to Fergie and Carrie Underwood, to The Bachelorette.
The ultimate nice Jewish girl — in the very best sense — Rahm is warm and bubbly; we quickly became good friends. Always artistic and a bit show biz-y, she began to play the piano at 3 and is a trained concert pianist and conductor.
Her journey into fashion began when she made a quilt for her newborn son. She walked into a high-end Long Island boutique with her son in his stroller, wrapped in the quilt — and the owner asked if she’d make some for the store.
They could not keep them in stock, so the store soon asked her to make little girls’ custom dresses. They, too, sold out instantly. From there, she built her business into the couture fashions we see today.
A self-made entrepreneur, her motto is, “The woman I design for does not want to look like everyone else.”
She is true to her word, customizing for each client, if need be. Do you prefer a higher back on this gown? Would you like a sleeve or a little bolero jacket? Just say the word. Rahm is an artist in every sense and will literally create your dream dress for any occasion.
“In my atelier, there is no ‘no,’” she quipped.
Inspiration comes from the women she meets across the country.
“I am a woman. I love listening to women and making them feel wonderful,” she said.
It shows. Every woman in the room went crazy for her clothes. Many are soon-to-be mothers of the bride or groom, as well as invited guests; there is truly something for everyone. Long or short, ball gown or column. Interesting fabrics, fabulous beading.
I had to ask, of all the celebrities she has dressed, who is the best looking?
“Beyoncé is truly as beautiful as can be,” Rahm said. “She is very aware of her body and her image — her style rarely deviates — she is always ‘Beyoncé,’ and I am always honored to dress her.”
Who has true style?
“Charlize Theron. She is drop-dead gorgeous, has a dancer’s body and stance, and knows what looks best on her,” Rahm said. “She also rarely deviates — you won’t see her in a poufy ball gown — but if you had that figure, why would you?”
And last, who is the nicest?
“Joan Rivers,” she said. “Joan was really nothing like her TV persona. She was sweet and kind and generous. A real ‘Jewish mother.’ If you had nowhere to go for a holiday, she’d invite you and introduce you to all her friends and family. There is no one like her in the business — show biz or fashion — and she is missed by all.”
Compassionate and generous, Rahm donated a percentage of each sale that day to the Cis Golder Grant.
The ladies were clamoring for her attention, and I certainly did not want to keep her from selling those gorgeous dresses, so we hugged and kissed goodbye.
I smiled as I watched everyone trying everything on, one piece more special than the one before.
Artistic. Chic. Smashing.
Randi Rahm and her designs. Next time you’re in Neiman Marcus or Saks, take a moment and try one on — you will feel instantly amazing, a little Beyoncé and Charlize, a little Joan. Enjoy every exquisite moment.


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