Debbie Wasserman Schultz Turns Back to Jewish ‘Family’ During Crisis


The embattled Debbie Wasserman Schultz did not shy away from the controversy surrounding her and addressed the National Jewish Democratic Council.

In a time of crisis, with criticism and unflattering comments about her filling the internet and social media, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz turned on July 28 to the safest place to seek comfort: family.

In this case, it was her Jewish family.

So much for assuming the outgoing head of the Democratic Party – forced to resign following an email scandal she alleges resulted from being hacked by Russian agents – would not attend the National Jewish Democratic Council’s (NJDC) salute to Jewish members of Congress.

Not only did she show up, but she brought her entire family, which witnessed the NJDC – where she once worked prior to being elected to the Florida state legislature – present her with a chanukia.

“I’m told one of great mysteries of Chanukah was ‘who hid the oil?’” explained Marc Stanley, former chairman of the NJDC, “because whoever hid the oil is a hero. Without that, there would not be a Jewish people, and hiding it demonstrated courage, strength, foresight and skill to make a difference.

“Today, we know who hid the oil. The person with the courage, strength and foresight to make a difference and make this convention all possible was Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”

Stanley described how Wasserman Schultz raised enough money to cover the cost of the DNC, which started in an $18 million hole. He also said she was instrumental in creating a platform that included “the best plan on Israel in history for Democrats.”

“She’s family,” said NJDC chairman Greg Rosenbaum, who served as one of the Platform Committee vice chairs. “In times of great crisis, you turn to family.”

Then it was Wasserman Schultz’s turn.

Acknowledging she’s had a difficult time, she expressed no bitterness, saying the task ahead for Democrats is too important.

“That is the hallmark of our people,” she said. “We stay focused. We stay together. We lock arms, and we never forget where we came from. It has been a remarkable team effort, and sometimes you have to take one for the team – and that’s OK.

“We have to make sure Jews across America understand the natural home for the Jewish people is the Democratic Party. We’re the most aligned with the Jewish community and with Zionism and with making sure of our commitment to fighting discrimination.

“We instill in our children the belief that anything is possible. We take care of them but don’t forget to teach them to take care of others.”

The NJDC also took the opportunity to announce Jews for Progress, a super PAC fund being created to stave off Republican attempts to sway Jewish voters. Former Florida Congressman Ron Klein emphasized how critical this is.

“This election may come down to seven or eight key states,” Klein said, mentioning Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado and Ohio, among others. “All those states have Jewish voters.

“We need to make sure we remind Jewish voters of two things: Hillary Clinton has always been a friend of the Jewish community for as long as she’s been in office and way before that.”

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