Letters, the Week of July 21, 2016


Readers discuss bacon, Israel and Fattah.

Treif by Any Other Name?
Mr. Cooper complains about a review of kosher beef bacon because of “bacon,” (“Even Kosher Bacon Is Treif in His Eyes,” June 30). Is it OK with him to see reviews about hamburgers in a Jewish paper?
Mark Girshovich | Wynnewood
Nothing Jewish About Fattah’s Misdeeds
While Chaka Fattah was a friend to Israel and much of his work over the years was reflective of Jewish values (“Jewish Sympathizer Chaka Fattah Tough Act to Follow,” June 30), to minimize the seriousness of the 23 counts of racketeering, money laundering and fraud that he was convicted of is only telling part of the story.
Certainly, these are not Jewish values, and this was never acknowledged in the article.
 Michael Dvorak | Lafayette Hill
Letter Gets Mideast Facts Upside Down
Letter writer Stuart Fredd begs us to ignore the usual conservative and liberal rhetoric (“Bad or Good for Israel?” June 30). He is totally unbiased, you see. He attacks the intransigent Netanyahu, ignoring, of course, the real intransigent Abbas and the Israel-hating Hamas leadership.
To leave the fantasy world that Fredd inhabits for a moment, it was the intransigent Netanyahu who stopped all of the settlement building several years ago and the peace-loving Abbas who refused to take the bait and start negotiations. It was the peace-loving Abbas who demanded the release of more than 100 Palestinian killers before he would begin the U.S.-led negotiations and then refused to negotiate in good faith. Fredd somehow manages to flip these facts upside down.
Fredd goes on to praise his hero, President Obama, as the greatest thing for Israel since the invention of cream cheese. Here’s a dose of reality: Obama openly put distance between the United States and Israel right from the get-go. That distance included openly and often berating Netanyahu, embarrassing him by having dinner while the Israeli leader was forced to wait, and having his cronies, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, openly and crassly attack the prime minister of the Jewish state.
Contrary to Fredd’s assertions, Obama slow-rolled replacement parts to the Iron Dome defensive shield for several days, implicitly threatening Israel’s very survival, and stopped all flights to Ben Gurion International Airport.
Fredd exhibits just how naive and obsessed with peace that he is. Anyone who is conversant with the Iran nuclear deal realizes what a joke it is. Secretary of State John Kerry backed off every red line that he once said was necessary for a deal to be consummated. Strict inspections, holding on to the $150 billion until Iranian compliance was confirmed, demands for Iran to stop calling for Israel’s destruction and others were eliminated as the Iranians, sensing Obama’s weakness and fecklessness, walked all over him.
Steve Heitner | Port Jefferson Station, N.Y.


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