Fattah Set to Resign Due to Corruption Charges


Pennsylvania Rep. Chaka Fattah was found guilty Tuesday on federal corruption charges.

Pennsylvania Rep. Chaka Fattah was found guilty Tuesday on federal corruption charges, including “bribery, racketeering, money laundering, bank fraud, mail and wire fraud, and filing false statements as part of a years-long criminal scheme that even included Fattah lobbying President Barack Obama for an appointment for one of his co-conspirators,” according to Politico.

He was found guilty on all charges.


Fattah released a statement Tuesday on the verdict:


“Today’s decision notwithstanding, it has been my privilege to serve the constituents of the Second Congressional District for over 20 years. We have done important work and passed legislation that has helped tens of millions… I continue to be proud of that record. While today’s outcome isn’t what we had hoped, I respect our nation’s judicial system. I want to thank the people of the Second Congressional District for the honor of serving them.”


Fattah announced his resignation today effective immediately after 30 years in Philadelphia politics. On his Oct. 4 sentence, he could face as much as 20 years behind bars — just for the bribery charges — though he is likely to appeal his conviction.

“In my previous letter I indicated a later resignation date in order to provide for an orderly transition of my office after 21 years of service in the House,” read the statement released today. “However, out of respect for the entire House Leadership, and so as not to cause a distraction from the House’s work for the people, I have changed my effective date.”


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