Spring Fashion: Retro, Mod and Modern

Spring fashion: The time for both retro and modern at once.

It’s the 50th anniversary of Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls, and I am rereading the book to honor the occasion.
Starting to read the iconic novel, I assumed it would be silly and passé. Of course, parts are indeed outdated, but I cannot put it down.
Spring fashion is exactly like that — retro and modern at once.
That late ‘60s/early ‘70s look is everywhere. Very luxurious bohemian/very British “mod.” Very Courreges. Picture Twiggy, Petula Clark, Edie Sedgwick and Mary Quant every time you get dressed.
Following that theme, this is a season to do your own thing.
Attitude makes it all modern, and you’ll find great items everywhere at every price point. Be eclectic. Be quirky. Have a little edge.
If you buy one new thing, choose something super special. A hand-painted handbag. Floral pumps. Embellished tunics, flouncy tops, jackets with fringe. Big sleeves. Big jewelry.
Trends stay constant: all-white, black and white, bold color and metallics. Nothing says spring quite like navy and cream. Add something gold — belt, shoes or chunky jewelry — for an immediate update.
Jumpsuits and statement pants continue to be a huge trend— again, very `70s.
Remember your mother’s palazzo pants? Totally in. Extremely feminine and flattering, so don’t be afraid of them. If you  must, taper them a tad — but not too much to lose the look.
Pair them with dressy shrunken jackets and tops for cocktail attire, with T-shirts and tanks to be more casual. These wider pants take a heel for spring, flat sandals for summer.
Longer, fuller skirts look great, too. Wear them with your shrunken tops and ballet flats for day, high strappy sandals at night.
You want your silhouette to be a “V” that’s wider on top, slim on bottom (tunic with skinny jeans) or an inverted “V,” slim on top, wider on bottom (T-shirt with statement pants). But never go for a square shape.
If your style is more tailored, military is everywhere. This is also a huge denim year — even double denim, formerly a no-no — but oh so ‘60s. Pair it with big colored stone jewelry for the ultimate in feminine/masculine at once. So classic, so fashion forward.
Conversely, though I have never been a lace person, this year I’m loving it. It’s another must-have. Modern and clean, this is not your grandmother’s lace blouse. It’s hip and fresh and stunning. The same goes for spring’s omnipresent florals. Prints are everywhere, suddenly feeling young, cool, fun and retro.
April can be chilly.
Begin to wear your statement pants with a little cashmere sweater, your tunic with leather leggings and your military jacket with jeans and boots.
Wear something in a bold color. Bright pink, yellow, orange or turquoise. Try something feminine, something flowy, something fabulous. Something retro. Watch your spirits soar. Start humming Petula Clark’s “Downtown” and enjoy every chic moment.


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