The Forecast for Winter Warming Trends: Time to Be Beautifully Bundled Up


Though I adore the dark chic of black, brown and grey all fall, once it’s past New Year’s I like the lighter look of dusty pastels against them.

I like winter. As much as I love parties and celebrations, it feels good to get into a quieter routine, shaking off the holiday season’s glitter and glam. There are unexpected flurries outside while I write, and I like that, too. Sitting at my computer, sipping a cup of tea, truly feels cozy and nice. Though it will be frigid when I get up tomorrow morning, the sun will be sparkling. I’ll put on a chunky sweater, cashmere scarf, furry boots and my shearling coat, while humming “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” I like that, too.
Though I adore the dark chic of black, brown and grey all fall, once it’s past New Year’s I like the lighter look of dusty pastels against them. Like an icicle. Like a snowflake. Powdery pink and charcoal. Soft blue and pearl grey. Rich cream with black. Or, most luscious of all, winter white from head to toe. In December, I talked about leather jeans and velvet leggings. This is the time to really wear them. Add a beautiful sweater or flowy blouse, pull on a pair of fabulous boots and you’re out the door!
You need a wonderful coat. Functional and fashionable, puffy down jackets and coats are now sleek and slim, newest when mixed with other fabrics like leather and suede — no longer forcing you to look like the Michelin man. Top of the line is Moncler, but styles are abundant at every price, from skiwear giants like Bogner and Postcard, to moderate priced look-alikes and discount brands.
Shearling will always be tops in my book. Many years ago, my grandmother bought me my first shearling coat to wear at Syracuse University, where it snows most every day in the winter. She was not happy about me going away, but felt better knowing I had a good warm coat! Of course, my grandmother was right. High-styled and lightweight, a shearling also blocks wind — nothing goes through it. A fur-trimmed collar adds beauty and warmth. Designer to discount and everything in between — for me, this is a must for the season.
In winter, there is nothing more luxurious — or flattering — than a fur coat, whether real or faux. Warm and long-lasting, this is an investment that pays dividends for years.
Twelve years ago, I was the fashion columnist for Main Line Life, doing a photo shoot at Jacques Ferber Furriers, then in Ardmore. Spying a super-slim, sheared mink, I slipped it on and fell in love. Sheared fur was just starting to be fashionable — the end of the “big bear” look — and I had to have it.
My birthday is in January, we were going to New York for the weekend, and my husband surprised me by having it sent to the hotel. Needless to say, a fabulous birthday gift! I wore it all weekend, feeling like the chicest girl in NYC. Twelve years later, I’m still wearing — and loving — that coat. It looks brand-new and is as gorgeous as ever. I am not very good with the stock market, but I believe that’s what you call a blue-chip investment.
Designer to very reasonable, a fur jacket is always a great addition to your wardrobe. Minimal and smart, like sheared beaver, or chubby and cropped, like mink or chinchilla (that’s what I want!) — both are casual, cool, and stunning over everything from jeans to a cocktail dress or evening gown. Real or faux, a smashing look that looks good on every woman.
And last, nothing makes a winter wardrobe pop faster than a fur or fun-fur scarf. Knitted or sheared, neutrals are universal, but bold colors look best right now. Knitted red beaver scarf on a black coat. Magnificent.
Temperatures drop, the winds whip — and we still want to look terrific. I, for one, certainly look better in a turtleneck than a bathing suit, happy in my winter wardrobe as I reach for powdery pastel and creamy white sweaters, mixed with black and grey, velvet and fur. Wrap yourself in something cozy and chic. Look like an icicle. Look like a snowflake. Let it snow. Stay safe and enjoy every gorgeous wintry moment!


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