Beautiful New Year, Beautiful New You!


On January 1st, did you promise yourself more workouts, more blowouts, more manicures and more massages? How are you doing?

When the sun rose on Jan. 1, countless women made the same New Year’s resolution: to take better care of themselves. This is a big step for lots of us — and an important statement. Many of us spend so much of our lives pleasing and doing for others; there comes a time when we need to pamper ourselves a bit — like dominos, when we go down, everything falls apart. One by one, we discover the dazzling lift that comes from feeling great, from looking radiant. Did you promise yourself more workouts, more blowouts, more manicures and more massages? How are you doing?
Let me help. The easiest way to stick to a regimen is to book appointments. See a make up artist. Call a gym, a hair stylist, an aesthetician or skin specialist. Even better, make standing appointments. And keep them. Buy yourself gift certificates. (That really works. Some salons even offer discounts for buying several weeks of services at once.) Just do it!
If you look good, you feel good — trite, but true. There are loads of new products in an array of prices to help. To catch me up on the latest scoop, I visited Saks Fifth Avenue’s Alisa Older, one of Philadelphia’s finest make up consultants and my make up guru for more than 25 years.
I have often written about the importance of having relationships with sales people when it comes to fashion and wardrobe. The exact same thing holds true with make up. It’s a matter of trust. There are so many items on the market at any moment, it becomes almost impossible to navigate your way. And though there are trends — particularly as we become 50ish — we just want to look beautiful. When Alisa shows me a new shadow and says, “You’re going to love this,” I usually do; when she says, “This new lipstick is the hottest thing but too bright for you,” she’s usually right, too.
A good professional keeps you from making mistakes and, frankly, from overspending on products you’ll never use. How many lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows reside in your make up bag? How many do you use? That’s why you need a professional. They’re behind every counter in every make-up department.
Showing me YSL’s new creamy, sparkly “Golden #20” lip gloss (now one of my favorite things), Alisa advises the quickest way to get a lift is from a new lipstick. Gorgeous reds, peaches and pinks with a luscious gloss on top. Like all make up, lipstick is very personal — not only color, but texture — some prefer very sheer, some very opaque. Whatever your preference, don’t leave home without your lips on — the quickest way to look polished in an instant.
I NEVER WALK OUT THE DOOR WITHOUT MASCARA: My favorite make-up bag, a gift from my fabulous friend Lyn, who knows me well! From
That said, personally, I will not leave the house without mascara. It opens and defines your eye and makes you look younger, prettier and more alert. Chanel to Maybelline and everything in between: for me, a must-have. Eyeliner enhances even further, use a Q-tip or eyebrow brush to blend.
Ready for something new? Try a smoky eye, a beautiful look on everyone. Don’t forget brows — nothing is more aging than grey hairs in your brows. And always, a softer lip with dramatic eyes; important lip with softer eyes.
Another of my favorite things? (Yes, I have lots of favorite things, but I try it all so you don’t have to!) Laura Mercier half lashes, enhancing your eyes in a way you won’t believe, without that “false eyelash look.” It’s best to have a professional do it in the store the first time, but after some practice, you’ll learn to apply them easily. I’ve re-worn one pair three times for true “beauty dividends”!
Best method: Take a Q-tip, break it in half and put a drop of glue on the cardboard tip; I prefer Duo black eyelash glue, found in most drug stores. Slide the lash through the glue, then adhere to your lash line over your liner. Add mascara and watch your eyes pop. A fabulous, feminine look you’re going to adore.
As for blush, the look is “glowing.” Nars “Orgasm” blush becomes a go-to for many, but you really must try and try to find you find your best fit. (Another tip: If you’re 50ish and, like me, starting to hate your neck, try brown contouring powder under your chin and on your neck to camouflage. Light shades bring out your features; dark makes them recede.)
Of course, even the most exquisite make up application will never look right without wonderful skin beneath. Day creams, night creams, eye creams, serums, masks, and moisturizers — everyone’s skin is different. Let your professional put you on a regimen or, even better, call a licensed aesthetician. (I use Michelle Collins in Bala Cynwyd,, or ask a friend for a good recommendation.) Give it a month — you will be amazed.
And last, once you’ve put on a good face, take time to unwind at the end of the day. It’s all about well-being and vitality, workouts to yoga to meditation to creating a home spa. Indulge in luxurious bath products, leaving your skin smooth as silk. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a delicious scented candle — so perfect on a cold evening or a wonderful gift for your favorite hostess.
Pamper. Unwind. Relax. Rejuvenate. Stick to your resolutions. Steal an hour at least once a week. Go to the gym. Get a mani/pedi. Have your hair blown out. Have a massage. Just do it! What do women want? Now you know. Here’s to a healthy and gorgeous 2016!


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