Josh Shapiro to Run for Attorney General


Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro throws his hat into an already crowded ring in the race to be the state’s next attorney general.

On Jan. 12, Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro announced he is running for attorney general. Shapiro, 42, is a member of Beth Sholom Congregation in Elkins Park and graduated from Akiba Hebrew Academy in 1991.

“Pennsylvania’s next attorney general will face many specific challenges, but the most pressing challenge we face today in our justice system is a crisis of confidence, doubts about the administration of justice and the results that follow,” Shapiro stated in his announcement. “From ‘Bonusgate’ to ‘Kids For Cash’ and now ’Porngate,’ we can’t help but feel frustrated with our democracy and its leaders.”

“As attorney general, I’ll lead the effort to restore integrity to our government,” he continued. “I’ll do this by advocating for and adopting tough ethical standards and by looking out for those who often get hurt in the system that is rigged against them.”
Shapiro, a resident of Abington, led a Democratic Party resurgence in Montgomery County in 2011, as Democrats won a majority on the County Commission for the first time in more than 140 years. Since becoming commissioner, Shapiro has worked to reform county government, turning record deficits into consecutive budget surpluses while making investments in open spaces, infrastructure, human services and public safety.

During Shapiro’s tenure with the commissioners, he also led the fight against the Corbett Administration’s discriminatory Voter ID plan and issued the first marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania primary election date is Tuesday, April 26.

Contact:; 215-832-0747


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