Anti-Semitic Vandalism Again Strikes Rowan


A dormitory at Rowan Universtiy is defaced by a swastika for the second time in a week.

As the semester winds down for the holiday break, more anti-Semitic carvings have been discovered at Rowan University.


On Dec. 3, swastikas were carved into doors in Chestnut Hall, a freshmen residence hall housing more than 350 students.


On Dec. 10 in the same residence hall, swastikas were found etched into the side of a stairwell, a more open and accessible area.


University president Ali Houshmand released a campus-wide statement on Dec. 11 concerning these acts of vandalism.


“At our school, we pride ourselves on inclusivity. We appeal to the entire Rowan community to ensure everyone feels like he or she has a home here, whether student, staff, friend or visitor. We expect the entire university family to be conscious of how they treat others, regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, abilities/disabilities and more,” he wrote. “In 2015, in our university, as a community we will not tolerate acts that not only go against the values of Rowan University but also that are inappropriate and offensive, period.”


The email also mentioned photos that recently resurfaced of a Rowan student dressed in blackface from last Halloween depicting the rapper Snoop Dogg.


Jose Cardona, vice president for University Relations, emphasized that acts like these are not tolerated at Rowan.


The investigation of the swastika vandalism is still ongoing.


“If someone wants to do it, they're going to do it,” Cardona said. “React to the things you hear in the hallway, remind people that they live as part of a community.”


Preventing the spread of bigotry and hatred is difficult, he added, but Rowan is being very proactive about these incidents and continuing to educate the community.


“We can’t be everywhere at every time. If somebody knows something, you need to speak up,” he said. “Whether it’s swastikas or something anti-whatever, it goes on and on. And we as a university continue that education process.”


This is a developing story; check back for updates.



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